Looking for fresh DI resin or a deionization kit? When you need zero total dissolved solids (TDS), Air, Water & Ice can help! Our team offers premium color-changing mixed bed deionization / DI resin (strong base CATION + strong base ANION). Our Guaranteed Fresh Factory Direct Deionization Resin is a 1:1 volumetric mixture of CG8-H (an amber-colored hydrogen form cation resin) and SBG1P-OH-ID (a dyed hydroxide form type 1 porous strong base anion resin). The anion component is infused with a permanent pH indicator dye that changes color from blue to amber as the resin exhausts. MBD-30 is intended for use in cartridge applications where a color indication of resin exhaustion is desired.
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    Our DI Resin/Deionization Products

    Our DI resin and deionization cartridges and kits can be used for the following applications:

    • Water changes in saltwater aquarium reef tanks
    • Dental, medical, and laboratory use
    • Window, car, industrial cleaning
    • Gardening and hydroponics
    • Brewmakers, coffee, and tea connoisseurs

    Each DI resin and deionization product from Air, Water & Ice is ordered fresh directly from a state-of-the-art ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturing facility. Our 5# bag provides at least FOUR x 10" refillable cartridge refills. TDS capacity per 10" refillable cartridge is 3,000 ppm (minimum). Maximum flow to ensure zero tds is .25gpm per lb of di resin.

    DI Resin Products

    DI Resin Cartridge 10” Color Changing

    This is a single DI cartridge that’s made from MBD-30. It is a mixed bed resin and a mixture of nuclear grade hydrogen and hydroxide form resins. The anion resin in this product is a Type I strongly basic gel resin with an indicator dye that changes from greenish blue to rusty brown as the resin exhausts. More information here about our DI Resin Cartridge 10” Color Changing product.


    20” DI Cartridge Refillable

    This is a refillable, 20” DI Resin Cartridge, filled with non-color changing DI resin (mixed, with both Anion and Cation DI resin). An excellent choice for fish and aquarium use. Add the filter and a 20” slim line filter housing to the compact pump driven 300 GPD system for great quality top off water.


    DI Resin Mixed Bed Color Changing 1.25lb Bag

    Our 1.25 pound bag of Premium MBD-30 nuclear grade mixed resin bed has plenty of resin to refill one 10” clear cartridge. Take a look here at the DI Resin Mixed Bed Color Changing 1.25lb bag.


    DI Resin Mixed Bed Color Changing 5lb Bag

    This DI Resin Mixed 5lb Color Changing Bed is our 5 pound bag of Premium MBD-30 nuclear grade mixed bed DI resin. The 5 pounds is a plenty amount of resin for refilling four 10” refillable cartridges.


    DI Resin Refillable Kit

    This DI Resin Refillable Kit provides 5lbs of DI color changing resin an a clear filter cartridge that can be reused for your convenience. Enough resin is included in this kit for four refills.


    DI Resin MB Color Changing (1 Cubic Ft3)

    This 5-pound bag of premium DI Resin color changing resin is enough resin to refill up to 32 10” clear refillable cartridges. The DI Resin MB Color Changing Bag is a mix of both nuclear grade hydrogen and hydroxide form resins.


    Vertical Color Changing DI Resin Adder Kit

    Included with this listing of the Vertical Color Changing DI Resin Adder Kit is a color changing DI cartridge, filter assembly cap, sump, O-ring, quick connect male adapters, stainless steel bracket, and feet tubing. You can mount the Vertical Color Changing DI Resin Adder Kit next to or remotely.


    Twin DI with Dual In-Line TDS Meter

    This Twin DI with Dual In-Line TDS Meter product is our vertical DI color changing resin adder kit with two housing mounted on a bracket with two reusable cartridges, a dual TDS meter, and 6 feet of ¼” tubing.


    20” Twin DI with Dual In-Line TDS Meter

    This 20" Twin DI Color Changing DI Adder Kit comes with two housings mounted on a bracket with two reusable cartridges that are filled with color changing DI resin. Also with this product, you get the dual TDS meter and 25 feet of 3/8" tubing. During operation, there is a safety line at the exit end of the cartridge. When the color change reaches that level, the cartridge is considered exhausted and should be exchanged for a fresh cartridge.


    Inline DI

    Our Inline DI product is a high-quality mixed bed DI resin cartridge. With this product, both cation and anion resin beds are combined into a mixed bed. This product is well-suited for reverse osmosis systems, reef keepers, and saltwater fish enthusiasts.


    Inline DI Adder Kit

    Lastly, is our Inline DI Adder Kit – a kit to add to your existing reefkeeper reverse osmosis system. This product has a 2” diameter x 10” long quick connect plug. The DI water produced is virtually 100% pure, picking up the pieces that are left from the membrane. It has a mixed bed of cationic and anionic resins for getting rid of any remaining dissolved solids in the RO water.


    Refillable Cartridges

    10” Refillable Cartridge - Clear

    Need a refillable cartridge for your DI resin or deionization system? We have Clear 10” Refillable Cartridges, which fit to a standard 2 ½” x 10” filter housing. Features for these cartridges include: clear plastic refillable canisters for DI resin, activated carbon, and filter media.


    20” Refillable Cartridge - Clear

    Our other sizing is the Clear 20” Refillable Cartridge. Sizing is 2 1/2 “ x 20” filter housings for DI resin, plus activated carbon and other filter media. Browse refillable cartridges with Air, Water & Ice today.


    TDS Meters

    Senno Dual TDS Meter

    Looking for a TDS meter? Introducing our Senno Dual TDS Meter, which is a dual in-line meter with quick connect fittings – making it easy to install in just one minute! The detection range for this TDS meter is approximately 0-999 ppm, with the sensitivity being around 1 ppm, and the accuracy +- 2%. To get an accurate reading of how well your membrane is performing, all you need to do is push a button.


    Senno TDS Mini Handheld Meter

    This is a small and basic TDS meter, also made by Senno. When being used, it will light up and provide an accurate reading. Your Senno TDS Mini Handheld Meter will come with a battery installed, as well as a black carrying case. Size is approximately 1” x 6”.


    Shop DI Resin/Deionization Products Online

    If you need kits, cartridges, and TDS meters, look no further than the water purification experts at Air, Water & Ice! With years of industry experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust our team to provide top-of-the-line products at great prices!

    If you have questions for our team, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (772) 461-0256 or email us at sales@airwaterice.com.