AIRWATERICE.comWhen you need zero 18.3 MΩ total dissolved solids (TDS), we can help. We offer premium color-changing mixed bed deionization resin (strong base CATION + strong base ANION). The color changing feature of our DI resin visually turns from a dark green to a golden color as the media exhausts. Perfect for:
  • Water changes in Saltwater Aquarium Reef Tanks
  • Dental, Medical & Laboratory use
  • Window, Car & Industrial Cleaning
  • Gardening & Hydroponics
  • Brewmakers, Coffee & Tea Connoisseurs
Direct from Production Plant.  Our 5# bag provides 4 x 10" refills. TDS capacity per 10" cartridge is 3,000 ppm. Maximum flow to ensure zero tds is .25gpm per lb of di resin. 
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