Booster, Delivery & Permeate Pumps

Looking for RO/RODI booster pumps, delivery pumps, and other pumps for your reverse osmosis system online? Let Air, Water & Ice be your resource for maximizing your RODI or RO system’s water pressure and overall performance. We have a large inventory of booster, delivery, and permeate pumps; along with high pressure switches, transformers, and valves.

Selecting the right pump for your RO or RODI system can drastically enhance its performance and efficiency. Whether you're dealing with low pressure, long distances, or specific appliance requirements, we have a pump tailored to meet your needs. Check out our RO and RODI pumps below, or give our team a call with questions!

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    How Our Pumps Work    

    Booster Pumps

    A booster pump is a specialized device used to amplify the water pressure in reverse osmosis deionization (RODI) and reverse osmosis (RO) systems. Our booster pump products currently include our booster pump power station.

    Here are some reasons to choose booster pumps from Air, Water & Ice:

    • Maximized System Performance: With a booster pump, RODI/RO systems can operate at their optimal efficiency, ensuring the best water purification possible.
    • Good for Well Water Applications: For households or facilities that rely on well water, pressure can often be inconsistent. A booster pump helps maintain a steady water pressure and also makes the purification process more efficient.
    • Improved Water Pressure: If your water source operates at a pressure lower than 40 psi, a booster pump is essential. Low water pressure can hinder the proper functioning of RODI/RO systems.

    Permeate Pumps

    Permeate pumps are a unique RO pump in that they function without the need for electricity. Check out our permeate pump kit here for specifications and how it can benefit your setup.

    The main benefits of a permeate pump include:

    • Non-Electric Operation: A permeate pump kit runs on hydraulic energy of brine water that usually just goes down the drain, instead of running on electricity. Thanks to being powered by water instead of electricity, a RO/RODI permeate pump can improve recovery rates by as much as 400%!
    • Optimal for Ice Makers/Refrigerators: If you're channeling purified water to appliances like ice makers or refrigerators, a permeate pump will ensure a steadier and faster water flow.
    • Efficiency in Water Usage: With a permeate pump, you'll benefit from about a 50% increase in water flow speed, which is especially useful for appliances that need a rapid water supply.
    • Reduced Waste: Another significant advantage is that these pumps reduce the amount of waste water by approximately 50%. This not only conserves water but also reduces overall water costs for your system.
    • Purer Water: The efficient functioning of RO/RODI permeate pumps means purer quality for your water overall.

    Delivery Pumps

    Delivery pumps are designed for situations where purified water needs to be transported over significant distances or heights. Our current delivery pump products include our delivery pump 1.4 GPM, and our delivery pump 4 GPM.

    The benefits of RO/RODI delivery pumps include:

    • Distance Challenges: If you need to move RO/RODI water over a horizontal distance greater than 40 feet, a delivery pump is your best choice.
    • Height Challenges: In scenarios where purified water has to be transported upward, say for a multi-story building or elevated tanks, delivery pumps can efficiently move water to heights more than 20 feet.
    • Maintaining Pressure: By using a RO/RODI delivery pump, you can ensure that the water maintains its pressure and flow rate, regardless of the distance or height it needs to cover.

    Other RO/RODI Pump Products

    Air, Water & Ice’s other RO/RODI pump products include our high pressure switch (which is designed for booster pumps), our booster pump power station transformer, and our brass control value.

    For more information about each, each product page will detail the specifications to help you determine what you’ll need for your setup. As always, our team is happy to assist you!

    RO/RODI Booster Pump FAQs

    How do I increase the pressure in my RODI?

    If your water pressure is low, we highly recommend investing in a RODI booster pump. These pumps work to allow your system to produce better quality water at a faster rate. They are recommended if you have a water pressure that’s lower than <40 psi.

    What are RO/RODI booster pumps?

    A RO/RODI booster pump is a type of pump that works to drive the output quantity and water quality to the maximum, without needing to re-plumb your system.

    How do booster pumps work?

    The booster pumps from Air, Water & Ice are the perfect solution for super charging your reefkeeping system and maximizing water quality and output quantity, bringing your water pressure to your desired water level. Each pump is capable of supplying 0.50 gmp at 60 psi to your RO system.

    Why Choose Us for RO/RODI Pumps?

    The experts at Air, Water & Ice have been providing services and pumps for more than four decades. Since 1982, we have been a trusted resource for booster pumps, permeate pumps, delivery pumps, and other RO/RODI pump products.

    If you have questions, please give us a call at (772) 461-0256, or email us at