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zero tds aquarium water reefkeeper rodi system manufacturer

Since 1982 Air Water & Ice has designed and manufactured the best RODI systems specifically for reefkeeping. WE ARE NOT DROP SHIPPERS! Our founder was granted U.S. Patent # 4,961,851 on October 9, 1990 for "Self Cleaning Reverse Osmosis Liquid Treatment System".

We have sold over 100,000 filter packs and over 10,000 of just our typhoon series RODI systems. We have a huge inventory of products. We always have at least ten thousand filters in stock at any time. Many wholesalers and merchants depend on us. We buy direct from Dow Chemical subsidiary, FilmTec. The FilmTec membrane is number one in the world. In fact, we bought direct from FilmTec before Dow bought them. We have used and offered the FilmTec membrane exclusively since 1983. Due to the quantity we purchase in, we are able to offer you the highest rated (by manufacturers spec sheets) systems on the planet at unbeatable prices.

We test and install new filters inside every system we sell the day you order so you know everything is FRESH (we are not drop-shippers).

We specialize in custom RODI/RO systems, can assist you on selecting a system, review your specific water quality report, provide your Aquarium Store wholesale pricing, build a 1000+ GPD rodi system for a special project.. you name it and we got 50+ years of knowledge to help support your water purification goals. Our e-mail address is sales@airwaterice.com Our telephone/text number is (772) 461-0256. Feel free to leave a message if we are unable to answer. If you cannot contact us during our normal operating hours, send us a text! We have experts monitoring and will respond ASAP. If you don’t know what filter replacements you need, send us a picture via text/email of your system- all of our filters are universal-so 99.9% of the time you can use our filters in your system-even if you didn’t purchase it from us.

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fast same day shipping

All orders processed and paid for by 3:00 PM ET usually ship same day. Truckline and other LTL orders can expect next day. We usually have hundreds of systems ready for immediate delivery. We always have at least ten thousand filters in stock at all times. We are distributors of water treatment equipment. Many wholesalers and merchants
depend on us.

30 days money back guarantee

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your order just return your item to us the same way it was delivered and you will get a 100% refund. NEVER a restocking fee.

in norcross, georgia usa
the h2o guru

All of our systems are proudly built by perfectionist. We take great pride in our work and are happy to bring you great quality at a amazing price. We are NOT drop-shippers. We are the manufacturer!

10,000+ systems sold, all still under our
lifetime system parts warranty

EVERY system we build and have built since 1982 ALL come with and remain under our LIFETIME system parts warranty. The cheap material systems with inferior filtration littered accross the internet simply cannot provide this level of assurance. We are proud to provide heavy duty systems using the worlds BEST components and Filters

net zero waste.

We love our fish. We love pure water. We love the planet.