Looking for water supply connections such as valves, faucet adapters, and more? Introducing water supply connections at Air, Water & Ice! We currently have a wide range of water supply connections in stock. At Air, Water & Ice, we strive to provide only the best quality water supply, valve, and adapter products on the market. Please read our product reviews to see what our happy customers have to say about our water supply connections, or browse our products below!
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    Currently, our water supply connection products include: the standard 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" water supply connections, as well as the angle stop, braided hose, supply valve, faucet adapter, and garden hose adapters. These are easy-to-install shark-bite quick connect fittings to connect to your system and to your house water supply.


    Supply Valves

    Shop water supply valves with Air, Water & Ice! For proper installation of supply valves, you will need to mount the valve on a cold water supply pipe snugly. Then, turn the tee handle at the top of the supply valve towards the right. Then, connect the RO unit inlet tube to push the fitting in. Full instructions for proper use of the supply valve are available on the product page.

    Hose & Faucet Adapters

    Looking for adapters to connect to your RODI or RO system, or your kitchen or bathroom sink? Air, Water & Ice is your online resource for a range of hose and faucet adapters. Our products currently include: the braided hose adapter, garden hose adapter, and 1/4" faucet adapter. If you have any questions about our adapters, please don't hesitate to contact our team!

    Y Connections/Combos

    Lastly, Air, Water & Ice provides the Y dual hose shut off and the garden hose/Y combo to allow for better flexibility. The Y dual hose shut off allows you to mount your RODI system without having to worry about puncturing copper pipes and/or taking the unit on and off your outdoor spigot. Our hose and Y combo is great for use for feeding cold water to a washing machine, or for your garden hose connection.

    Why Choose Air, Water & Ice?

    Since our beginnings in 1982, the team at Air, Water & Ice has focused on providing only the best products, whether for RODI systems, DI Resin products, filters, membranes, water testing, parts and fittings, and more.

    If you have any questions regarding our water supply connections, adapters, supply valves, and more, please give us a call directly at (772) 461-0256, or email us at sales@airwaterice.com. We're looking forward to serving you.

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