Need to test your RO system? Look no further than Air, Water & Ice to invest in a number of water testing products, including filter and flow monitors, PH meters, pressure gauges, TDS alarms, TDS meters, TDS/PH Meter combos, and thermometers.
Proper testing with a TDS meter is the only way to verify if your Reverse Osmosis system is properly removing the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from your water. In addition, pressure gauges are helpful for identifying clogged filters and membranes.
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    How to Perform a TDS Test?

    If you’re looking to invest in water testing products, but are brand new to TDS testing, here’s a brief overview to refer to. First, begin producing RO or RODI water by activating the pure water line. Every system has an exclusive RO line, while our reefkeeper systems are equipped with either a RODI line or a DI bypass. If you have a drinking water system, we recommend shutting the blue tank ball valve on the pressure tank and simply activating the RO faucet for this process.

    For those with a RODI unit and a DI bypass, turn on the blue ball valve to engage the DI bypass to prevent unnecessary use of DI resin. If your RODI system doesn't come with a DI bypass, you can either still produce RODI water or detach the tubing leading to the final DI filter. We provide more detailed instructions on how to do a TDS test for your RO system here.

    Our Water Testing Products

    From TDS meters, to pressure gauges, to thermometers, let Air, Water & Ice be your resource for high quality water testing products:

    Filter Monitors

    The Filter Monitor and Volumizer is a cutting-edge tool designed to notify users about filter replacement needs through color-coded indicators located at the faucet's base. The FM-2, which operates on battery, with five timers tailored for a 5-stage system. It also features a water volume measurer, customizable alarm settings, and set-points for every function, all housed in a sleek and modern design. This device is a valuable addition for monitoring filters in any RO system.

    Flow Monitors

    The FLM-3 Flow Monitor is a consumer flow meter specifically designed for monitoring the flow that has traversed through your under-the-sink filtration (RO/DI) system. With its unique design, crafted for both under-the-sink and countertop systems, it offers features such as the ability to monitor flow rates in either LPM or GPM. In addition, this flow monitor keeps a record of the total liters or gallons used. One of its standout features is a programmable alarm that alerts users when a set limit is exceeded. Additionally, users can benefit from its large and easy-to-read LCD display.

    PH Meters

    The PH-200 Waterproof PH Meter is an essential tool designed for various applications, from pH testing in labs to water purification and management in industries like aquaculture, wine, and coffee production. Beyond pH, it also proficiently measures temperature. It's equipped with a digital automatic calibration system, fine-tuned for precision. Although it comes factory-calibrated to pH 7.0, users have the flexibility to recalibrate it anywhere within its range.

    Designed with practicality in mind, its large LCD simultaneously displays both pH and temperature, and the robust waterproof housing ensures durability with an IP-67 rating. Another advantage is the meter's replaceable sensor (model SP-P2). The device is packaged with various accessories, including a protective cap, batteries, a lanyard, and a pH 7.0 buffer.

    Pressure Gauges

    Enhance your RO or RODI unit with a Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge, ranging from 0-150 PSI. This gauge features a bottom connect and a face with a 1.5" diameter. It comes with an installed 1/4" fitting adapter and stem run tee fittings for quick inline connections. Alternatively, there's a Black Pressure Gauge with the same 0-150 PSI range, designed for your RO/Reefkeeper unit. This model boasts a back mount connect and a larger 2.0" diameter face. It also includes a pre-installed 1/4" fitting adapter and stem branch tee fittings for swift inline connections.

    Finally, our 2" 150 PSI Gauge option for your RO/Reefkeeper unit is available with bracket mounting. It has a 2.0" diameter face and also covers the 0-150 PSI range.

    TDS Alarms

    The TDS Monitor/Alarm product offered by Air, Water & Ice serves as a visual warning for elevated TDS levels. When the TDS touches 15 or above, a red light on the device starts blinking. Included in the package are the TDS Alarm itself, two AA batteries, and a Union Tee equipped with quick-connect fittings. This is the same alarm featured in our Typhoon III Extreme Unit.

    TDS Meters

    When it comes to TDS meters, you want a product that’s highly efficient, accurate, and reliable for years to come. Our TDS meters include our Senno Dual TDS Meter, Senno TDS Mini Handheld Meter, HM Digital TRM-1: Triple Inline TDS Monitor, HM Digital DM-1 Dual In-Line TDS Meter, HM Digital DM-2: Commercial In-Line TDS Meter, TDS3 Meter with Carrying Case, and COM-100 EC/TDS Temp Meter Combo.

    Undecided about which TDS meter to invest in? Please review each one’s product description, or contact the team at Air, Water & Ice directly.

    TDS/pH Meter Combos

    Air, Water & Ice offers a bundled deal featuring both the Com 100 and the HM digital pH 200 meter. By purchasing them together, you'll benefit from significant savings compared to buying them separately. Not only will you save on shipping with a single charge, but you'll also enjoy a discounted price. Both meters are backed by a 1-year warranty from HM Digital. Purchase our HM Com 100 & PH 200 product today!


    The TM-1 Digital Thermometer is versatile for both hot and cold substances, whether liquid or solid. It's suitable for use in aquariums, kitchens, bakeries, and hydroponic and aquaculture setups. It's also perfect for monitoring temperatures in freezers, heaters, and cooling systems.

    Why Air, Water & Ice?

    Why choose Air, Water & Ice to be your online resource for water testing products? Our company focuses on providing high quality RODI, RO, deionization, filters, membranes, and other products for decades since we first got started in 1982.

    If at any time you have questions about our water testing products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at (772) 461-0256 or email us at sales@airwaterice.com.