Highest Quality Roasted Coconut Husk Activated Carbon Block Filters

These water filters are the best available filters on the planet. There are three tiers of carbon filters available. The top tier has 5 major manufacturers. These come directly by the container load from one of the top tier manufacturers and are usually at least twice as thick and heavy than our competition.

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    Water Filters for Reverse Osmosis & De-Ionization RODI Systems

    Select from our nuclear grade color-changing DI resin, coconut shell acid-washed activated carbon blocks, catalytic carbon filters, heavy duty sediment filters, and special purpose filters.

    • Filter Array Recommendation: This is your guide to learning about what the different water filters do and their primary purpose in the different stages they are used in our filter array recommendation guide.
    • Filter Replacement Matrix: Read our filter replacement matrix page to easily find your water purification RO and RODI systems filter pack.

    Carbon Filters

    Air, Water & Ice's certified carbon blocks are made from roasted coconut shells (not coal). The carbon in our filters works by protecting the membrane from oxidation and premature failure (holes in membrane) that's caused by chlorine breakthrough.

    For convenience, we have more than ten carbon filter products. These include the carbon filters themselves, such as our inline carbon filter, 10-inch 1 micron carbon block, 10-inch 5 micron carbon block, catalytic carbon cartridge, 17-inch Evolution/Merlin carbon pre filter, 20-inch catalytic carbon cartridge refillable, 20-inch 5 micron carbon block, Big Blue carbon filter, and shower carbon filter. Our carbon filter products also include our refill bags. You can opt for our single refill of catalytic carbon, four refills of catalytic carbon (bag), and 30-pound bag of catalytic carbon.

    DI Resin Filters

    If you're looking for DI resin filter solutions specifically, Air, Water & Ice has you covered! Our DI resin products include the following: DI resin 10" color changing cartridge, inline DI cartridge, 20" DI refillable cartridge, DI resin color changing mixed bed bag, DI resin refillable kit, DI resin mixed bed color changing 1.25 bag, DI resin MB color changing (1 cubic ft), inline DI adder kit, vertical color changing DI resin adder kit, twin DI with dual inline TDS meter, and 20" twin DI with dual inline TDS meter. If you have any questions about our DI resin filters, please don't hesitate to contact our team and we can provide the best recommendations for your setup.

    Drinking Water Filter Packs

    Looking for a way to purify and improve the quality of your drinking water? Check out our filter packs and membranes. Our drinking water filter packs include: Max Mini Mighty Mite filter pack, 4 pack filters, chloramine 4 pack, and Merlin membranes and filter pack. Look no further than Air, Water & Ice for drinking water filter products!

    Prefilter Packs

    If you're looking to buy your prefilter packs in bulk, choose from our 2-pack, 3-pack, 6-pack, chloramine filter pack, and fish store case. When you choose our products, you'll benefit from a catalytic carbon stage that removes (on average) 5 times more chloramines than any other carbon block on the market!

    RODI Filter Packs

    Looking for a RODI solution? Check out our Mighty Mite filter pack with DI, Cyclone 4 stage filter pack, Typhoon filter pack, Extreme Tpack, Compact Reefkeeper filter pack, Tsunami pack, Neptune filter pack with DI, Dual Home Reef filter and DI pack, and Hurricane filter pack. Please see the product specifications for each product for more details, or contact us with questions. Let Air, Water & Ice be your source for RODI filter packs!

    Sediment Filters

    Need a sediment filter? Take a look at our selection of inline sediment filters, 10-inch sediment filters, 20-inch sediment filters, and Big Blue sediment filters. Our sediment filters are helpful for removing direct, rust, and sediment - more information on the product pages. Choose the appropriate sizing of sediment filter, or please reach out to our team with questions!

    Softening Filters

    If you don't already have a water softener in your home, you should definitely consider adding a softening filter to your RO unit to help both clean and soften the water. In addition to cleaning and softening the water, a softening filter can even enhance the performance of your RO system overall. Air, Water & Ice currently has two softening filters available: our pre-filter softener cartridge and inline softening filter.

    Special Filters

    Air, Water & Ice is also your online resource for water filters like our phosphate/GAC filters, Aries phosphate cartridges, and Aries 10" x 2 1/2" heavy metals removal cartridge. Water purification is a much more efficient process with each of these special filters.

    Ultra Violet Kits/Products

    Lastly, we are your source for Ultra Violet kits and other products that help you remove any germs that you can't see. Our products in this category include our Ultra Violet kit, Ultra Violet light purification 12 GPM, and our replacement UV bulb-108.

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    When it comes to quality, look no further than Air, Water & Ice for coconut husk activated carbon block filters, kits, and other products. We have more than 50 products to help make filtration a more purified process.

    Turn to the experts who've been in the business since 1982! At Air, Water & Ice, we do more than just filters. We also provide top quality RODI systems, DI Resin products, RO systems, membranes, water testing products, and more. Have a question for our team? Call (772) 461-0256 or email us at