Our RODI systems are highly customizable reefkeeper systems which have been specially designed & built in the USA by the H2O guru since 1982! All of our RODI systems are plug & play, delivered to you pre-built with fresh filters installed the day your order ships.  If you need zero tds, one of our RODI systems is the perfect solution – no matter if you’re a novice who’s brand new to the hobby, or you’re a professional who has years of experience.

The best RODI system is always the best RODI system for you! Read more here for expert advice on which RODI system is right for you!

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    Every reefkeeper needs a reliable, high quality RODI System for their reefkeeping hobby. To best serve your needs, we provide several models with a wide range of features. If you're not sure which system is right for your needs, please refer to our article on how to pick the right RODI system.

    Our products include our Typhoon, Cyclone, and Neptune Reefkeeper RODI systems; our Compact 5-Stage, and Compact III 5-Stage; Dual Home Reef, Hurricane DHR, Mighty Mite, and Pump Driven 5-Stage RODI products.

    With our RODI systems, you simply only need to make three plumbing connections - and you’re done! Just connect and enjoy zero TDS water.


    Need a Reverse Osmosis Deionization system? Overall, our Typhoon model is our most popular reefkeeping RODI unit. Models for the Typhoon include our Typhoon 5 Stage, Typhoon III, and Typhoon III Extreme 150 GPD.

    Here are just some reasons why our customers choose our Typhoon RODI system:

    • Pre-Assembled: Our Typhoon RODI systems come pre-assembled with the filters and membrane installed.
    • Automatic Shut Off Valve (ASOV): Each Typhoon RODI system is equipped with ASOV for automatic top off. It also comes pre-assembled with filters and membrane installed (which are installed on the day they’re shipped).
    • Pressure-Tested: RODI systems are always pressure-tested with 70 psi
    • Refillable DI Cartridges: All of our Typhoon machines are equipped with refillable DI cartridges.
    • 75 GPD FilmTec (TFC) Membrane: The Typhoon is a 5 stage RODI (Reverse Osmosis/De-Ionizing) reefkeeper that’s supplied with a 75 GPD FilmTec (TFC) membrane for great water quality and production rates.
    • Hardware, Tubing, and Filter Wrench Included: Every Typhoon RODI system will arrive at your doorstep already fully assembled and equipped with all first-class installation hardware. This includes a sturdy extruded clamp style water supply valve, drain saddle, two in-line ball valves, and 24 ft. of 1/4" tubing. We even include the filter wrench.
    • Push-In Fittings: All fittings in the RODI unit are push-in fittings, which removes the need for tools, Teflon tape, or glue.
    • Fast Flush Flow Restrictor: Lastly, the system will come with a fast flush flow restrictor to reduce TDS creep and prolong the life of the membrane.

    Benefits of RODI System

    If all the above points aren’t enough to convince you of why an RODI System is the perfect solution for your reefkeeping, here are some more benefits to consider.

    Our RODI products are:

    • Easy to install
    • Produce zero TDS water
    • Ideal for coral keepers of any experience level
    • Reliable and specialized RODI solutions!

    About Air, Water & Ice

    Why choose our company? At Air, Water & Ice, we have been providing our valued customers with RODI systems, DI resin and deionization, RO systems, filters, membranes, water testing products, pumps, and parts and fittings for several decades. We have a passion for getting both beginners started in the hobby and supporting experienced reefkeepers with quality products that will last a long time.

    We are a family owned and operated company that got our start in 1982. With years of experience dedicated to RODI systems and other products, you can rest assured that our team focuses on a commitment to product quality and superior customer support.

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    Top 10 RODI systems? We do better. Your water profile & pure water needs are unique. We are not drop-shippers! We provide our valued customers the red carpet customer care. We look up your water providers water quality report and provide the best RODI system for your needs.

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