Water Terminology and Definitions

ASOV Automatic Shut Off Valve. A hydraulic valve that is connected to the system and automatically stops the flow of feed water when the system is closed. Add a float valve and you make water automatically. 


Stages The number of filters that make up the total system. To truly understand which mircon rating to use where, please visit the Filter Array Recommendation page for more information.


GPD (gallons per day ) The GPD membrane rating is based on a water temperature of 77 degrees and 50 psi after the prefilters. RO membranes remove 90% to 99% of the feed water TDS. 


DI / Deionization this final stage is for reducing the membrane output TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) to zero.  


Clear Filter Housings allow you to see your filters. 


PSI Gauge is connected inline to measure line pressure. 


Fast Flush mechanism connected to the waste water line of the system which allows flushing of the membrane to prolong its life. This flushing removes the stale water in the unit to eliminate the stale water in your system aka "TDS creep". 


DI Bypass Valve  Allows you to bypass the DI stage. Useful when installing and flushing new filters. Useful for extending the life of the DI cartridge. 


RO Only Valve   Allows you to get water out of unit after the membrane but before the DI filter. All dual home reef units have this feature. 


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