Drinking water systems for our family. Great for under the sink applications and more!, Our EASY INSTALL systems will save you countless trips to the store for your everyday drinking water.  We make ultapure water for our saltwater aquariums, our RO systems are highly rated aswell. We start with the highest spec'd 99%rr membranes we know to exist. Next, we add heavy duty - HIGH FLOW (2.5gpm) sediment filters & coconut shell - acid washed - activated carbon blocks with premium sweet coconut husk polishing filters. Finally, we surround them with NSF parts. Designed and built in the USA, we have been making high purity systems since 1982. Reefkeepers - be sure to check out our dual purpose units as they are perfect for drinking water and RODI aquarium purposes!
WaterCop 5 stage. Great for family of 3 or more. Comes with 3 x standard 10" pre-filters, at least one 99% rejection rate membrane, lead free faucet, nsf pressure tank.  
Extra Duty WaterCop A WaterCop plus a permeate pump for more efficiency and better pressure, one of our most popular systems!
Mini RO 4 stage. Great for family of 1-2 or occasional use (i.e. bar, boat or RV). Comes with 3 x inline filters, 50 gpd membrane, lead free faucet, nsf pressure tank.
Max RO A Mini-RO with a permeate pump instead of an ASOV for more efficiency and better pressure.
Dual Home Reef A WaterCop with an in-line DI filter added to also produce RODI water.
Hurricane Dual Home Reef Adds a permeate pump to a Dual Home Reef System.
(Each of the above complete RO drinking water systems comes assembled, complete with all filters, Factory Direct Filmtec membranes, fast flush flow restrictor, faucet, tubing, pressure tank, quick-connect fittings, drain saddle, installation instructions, diagrams, etc. everything needed to install your system quickly and easily.)
Mighty Mite A Mini RO with no tank, no faucet and no ASOV. Comes with faucet adapter for quick RO water.
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