Let Air, Water & Ice be your solution for your family's drinking water. Our reverse osmosis (RO) systems are the perfect solution for under the sink applications and more! We specialize in ultra-pure RODI systems for applications that demand the highest filter performance on the market & we use these same high performing filters in our family & your family's drinking water systems. Questions? Please contact our team at (772) 461-0256 today!

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    Our RO Systems

    To start, we use the highest rejection rate RO membranes on the planet. Next, we add heavy duty high flow (2.5gpm) sediment filters & coconut shell, acid washed, activated carbon blocks with premium sweet coconut husk polishing filters. Finally, we surround them with NSF parts & exceptional customer service. 

    Designed and built in the USA, we have been making high purity RO drinking water systems since 1982. Reefkeepers, please be sure to check out our dual-purpose units as they are perfect for drinking water and RODI aquarium purposes!

    Each of the following RO drinking water systems come pre-built, with fresh filters installed the day your order ships, the highest rejection rate membrane available on the market, flow restrictor, faucet, tubing, pressure tank, quick-connect fittings, drain saddle, installation instructions, and diagrams. Everything is included that you’ll need to install your system quickly and easily:

    WaterCop 5 Stage

    The WaterCop 5 Stage RO system is the perfect solution for a family of 3 or more. It comes with 3 x standard 10" pre-filters, at least one 99% rejection rate membrane, lead free faucet, and a NSF pressure tank.

    Extra Duty WaterCop

    The Extra Duty Reverse Osmosis Unit is the WaterCop in addition to a permeate pump to ensure better efficiency and pressure. This is one of our most popular RO systems!

    Mini RO 4 Stage

    This one is well-suited for a family of one or two people, or for occasional use. For example, you can use this configuration for the bar, your boat, or an RV trip. The Mini RO 4 Stage comes with 3 x inline filters, 50 GPD membrane, lead free faucet, and a NSF pressure tank.

    Max RO

    Our Max Under-The-Sink RO System is a Mini RO with a permeate pump, in place of an ASOV. This provides better efficiency and pressure for your system overall.

    Dual Home Reef

    The Dual Home Reef Chrome Twist Faucet system is a WaterCop that’s equipped with an in-line DI filter also added to produce RODI water.

    Hurricane Dual Home Reef

    Our Hurricane Dual Home Reef system adds a permeate pump to a Dual Home Reef System.

    Mighty Mite

    A Mini RO system with no tank, no faucet, and no ASOV. The Mighty Might RO System comes with a faucet adapter for quicker RO water.

    Pump Driven Commercial RO/RODI

    This configuration is our Pump Driven Commercial RO/RODI 300 GPD – 1000 GPD + system. This is both a non-hassle and affordable system for your RO needs!

    Why Our RO Systems?

    Here are just some of the reasons why you should opt for an Air, Water & Ice RO system:

    • Easy to Install: Each RO system is easy to install and will save you countless trips to the store for your everyday drinking water.
    • Unrivaled Technology: Crafted to perfection, our systems have the highest specification 99% rejection rate (99%rr) membranes and heavy-duty, high-flow (2.5gpm) sediment filters.
    • Dedicated to Excellence: Our team is focused on excellence and our passion, as always, is to provide ultra-pure water for every customer.
    • Trust in Quality: We understand the importance of delivering RO systems that have been rigorously tested and proven to give you peace of mind.
    • Since 1982:Our legacy of providing high-purity water solutions date back to 1982. With decades of expertise under our belt, we continue to design and build our systems right here in the USA.

    Shop Air, Water & Ice for RO Systems!

    With more than four decades of industry experience, Air, Water & Ice is your source for quality RO systems, as well as RODI products, DI resin/deionization kits, filters, membranes, water testing products, pumps, parts, fittings, and more. Every home should have a RO system - no more buying expensive water bottles only to haul them in, take up your valuable fridge space only to be thrown out as more plastic waste.

    We are proud to have served our valued clients since 1982. As always, if you have questions, please contact our team at (772) 461-0256 or email us at We are looking forward to serving you.