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    About RO Pressure Tanks

    Common names for a RO pressure tank also include: RO storage tank, bladder tank, hydro-pneumatic bladder tank, or captive air tank. All RO storage tanks listed on this page work by filling a food safe bladder with water, (hence why they are sometimes called a bladder tank). The bladder is surrounded by a cushion of air. Also, the air bladder located on the inside of this tank allows the tank to dispense water (think of a water balloon).

    Not all bladder tanks are created equal. There is a difference in tanks for regular water storage and tanks designed for pure water storage. Tanks rated for reverse osmosis water storage have stainless steel connection points vs. common steel which will corrode when exposed to pure water. These tanks can be used horizontally or vertically. The position makes no difference in its ability to do its job.

    The Re-Pressuring Process

    If you already have a tank and wondering if it needs replacement, try to re-pressurize your tank. All you need is a pressure gauge and bike tire pump (or similar).

    • STEP 1: With water in the tank, locate the schrader valve (just like a bike tire) found toward the base of the tank (it is covered by a blue dust cap).
    • STEP 2: Put the pressure gauge on the schrader valve- If water comes out of this valve, the tank is irreparable. IF NO water comes out perform:
    • STEP 3: empty all of the water out of the tank.
    • STEP 4: pressurize to 7-9 lbs. YES, we have a WARRANTY! If your tank goes bad in the first year we will replace at no charge. Second year you get 50% off, 3rd year 33% is off. Click here to see how to recharge your pressure tank.

    Our RO Pressure Tanks Products

    At Air, Water, & Ice, we provide multiple RO pressure tank options for your drinking water and saltwater aquarium solutions! We have several storage tank sizes available, as well as a drinking water kit, and accessories to make your configuration complete. We currently offer:

    2.2 Gallon Storage RO Tank

    This is currently our lowest-capacity RO pressure tank. The 2.2 gallon NSF certified RO pressure tank, hydro-pneumatic bladder, and captive air tank are all commonly used names for this water storage tank. It works when water fills a food safe bladder which is then surrounded by a cushion of air, earning it the name of “bladder tank.” Dimensions for this size tank are 14” x 9”, weight 7 pounds, and a rating of up to 75 psi.

    3.2 Gallon Storage RO Tank

    A step up is the 3.2 gallon storage RO tank. The dimensions of this higher capacity tank are 11” x 15”, with a weight of 8.08 pounds. If you need a bit larger of a drinking water solution, this tank is a better fit for you. Note: the ¼” quick connect tank ball valve is not included in the purchase of the 3.2 gallon RO pressure tank.

    5.2 Gallon Storage RO Tank

    This larger-sized RO tank is rated for up to 100 psi. Dimensions for this tank are 12” x 18”, and its overall weight is 10.24 pounds. Please note that you can add the ¼” and 3/8” tank ball valve but the valves are not included with the base RO tank. The 5.2 gallon storage tank has an Air, Water, & Ice warranty that includes a one-year full replacement, second year get 50%, and third year get a 33% discount.

    10.7 Gallon Storage RO Tank

    Double the size of the 5.2 gallon RO tank, this is a much larger product for accommodating larger RO systems. This NSF-certified RO pressure tank comes equipped with a 1” female NPT opening. The dimensions of this tank are 26” x 16”, with a weight overall of 24 pounds. The rating for the 10.7 gallon RO pressure tank is 90 psi. Please see our reviews which demonstrate the quality of this RO pressure tank!

    20 Gallon Storage RO Tank

    Lastly is our 20 gallon storage tank. Its size accommodates both home RO water systems as well as well as pump water storage tanks. A stand is included with the purchase of this tank, and it also comes equipped with a 1” female NPT opening. Dimensions for this large tank are 16” x 32”, and it weighs a total of 37 pounds.

    Other RO Pressure Tanks Products

    In addition to your purchase of RO pressure tanks, you may likely need the tank ball valve elbow part (available in either the 1/4” or 3/8” size). We also have the stainless steel 150 PSI gauge available to add to your RO or RODI unit. In this category, we’re also selling the Pentair structural tank, and saltwater aquarium anti TDS storage tank. More information about those products on their individual product pages.

    If you have any questions about proper RO pressure tank use, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today! Give us a call at (772) 461-0256 or email us at

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