Pressure tanks for reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water systems, anti-TDS tanks, structural tanks & storage tanks

A RO storage tank, bladder tank, hydro-pneumatic bladder, captive air or pressure tank are all common names for these tanks.

All of these RO storage tanks fill a food safe bladder with water. The bladder is surrounded by a cushion of air.

The air bladder located on the inside of this tank allows the tank to dispense water (think of a water balloon).

Not all bladder tanks are created equal. There is a difference in tanks for regular water storage and tanks designed for pure water storage. Tanks rated for reverse osmosis water storage have stainless steel connection points vs. common steel which will corrode when exposed to pure water.

These tanks can be used horizontally or vertically. The position makes no difference in it's ability to do its job.

If you already have a tank and wondering if it needs replacement, try to re-pressurize your tank. All you need is a pressure gauge and bike tire pump (or similar). STEP 1: With water in the tank, locate the schrader valve (just like a bike tire) found toward the base of the tank (it is covered by a blue dust cap). STEP 2: Put the pressure gauge on the schrader valve- If water comes out of this valve, the tank is irreparable. IF NO water comes out perform: STEP 3: empty all of the water out of the tank. STEP 4: pressurize to 7-9 lbs. YES, we have a WARRANTY! If your tank goes bad in the first year we will replace at no charge. Second year you get 50% off, 3rd year 33% is off. Click here to see how to recharge your pressure tank .

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