Delivery Pump 4 GPM

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Delivery Pump 4 GPM

Aquatec Aquajet PVP5501-IVN2-V77UL Delivery Pump to move water from one place to another, including from an unpressurized pressure tank to where you need it. This heavy duty pump will move water at 4.0 Gallons Per Minute.

Standard Features

This Aquajet variable speed D/D Pump 4.0 GPM manufacutred by Aquatec is typically used to either A) draw water from a holding tank and pressurize it or B) boost pressure from a low pressure source. Although designed to operate intermittently, most models can run continuously for several hours at a time. These pumps can be operated either in demand mode (pressure switch controlled) or in delivery mode (controlled by external power switching device). If needed, an integral bypass can be used to limit pressure. This pump comes with standard 1/2 inch quick connect fittings.

Dimensions and Weight

Weighs: 11 pounds