DI Resin Refillable Kit

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DI Refillable Kit

This DI refillable kit gives you 5 pounds of DI color changing resin and a clear reusable filter cartridge. That is enough resin for four refills! Refill yourself and save 50% as compared to our professionally pack di resin cartridges. 

Standard DI cartridges can add up when you buy them professionally packed. You can save big bucks by filling them yourself. This kit gives you 1 x reusable re-fillable filter cartridge and enough resin for four refills. That's just a little over $10.00 per refill. Packing resin is not too complex (see our FAQ's!)

Why buy a bag of resin? 1) Simple 2) Easy 3) Real money saver. The DI resin is color changing. Always fresh resin. Always from reputable manufacturers. We are consistently striving to improve our products. Because of this, all of our 5# DI resin quantities are now shipped in a heavy duty FIVE mil mylar bags, the strongest bag we could find without further increasing the price for you. IF you want guaranteed FRESH DI RESIN, we purchase directly from the manufacturer and our resin is never stored longer than 90 days. 5 Mil mylar bags increase the storage life of our di resin to 2-3 years.