In-Line DI Adder Kit

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In-Line DI Adder Kit

ADD IN LINE DEIONIZATION (DI) To Your Existing Reefkeeping Reverse Osmosis System. This is a full 2" diameter by 10" long quick connect plug in DI cartridge with all the hardware you need to clip onto your membrane housing. This is a refillable cartridge.

Standard Features

ADD IN-LINE DEIONIZATION (DI) to your existing reefkeeping RO System. A full 2" diameter by 10" long plug in DI cartridge with all the hardware you need. Want DI added it to your existing system? Well, the addition of a mixed bed of resin may just do the trick. Really! All you need to add DI to your RO is here. Just connect the cartridge to the RO water out hose. DI water is virtually totally pure, picking up the pieces left behind by the membrane. A mixed bed of cationic and anionic resins remove the remaining dissolved solids in the RO water reef-keepers swear by it. If your tap water contains arsenic or high nitrate levels, you may want to add a DI unit to your drinking water system as well. 

Note: DI water cannot be stored in your bladder pressure tank. You will have to plumb the system so that the water from the storage tank will run through the DI cartridge after leaving the tank. 

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions: 2 1/2" in diameter by 10" long

Weighs 1 pounds

Illustrations/Diagrams/Instructions How to use Push In Quick Connect fittings