Vertical Color Changing DI Resin Adder Kit

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Vertical Color Changing DI Adder Kit

This vertical color changing DI adder kit comes with housing, the housing bracket, the fittings/tubing and a refillable cartridge filled with color changing DI resin.

Standard Features

All you need to add a full size mixed bed DI stage to your existing equipment.


1) Color changing DI cartridge (refill-able)

1) Filter assembly cap, sump and o-ring

2) Male adapters quick connect

1) stainless steel bracket

5) feet tubing.

You can mount next to or remotely, just connect the pure water outlet of your system to the in side of this filter housing. The other side of this filter, the out is now DI water. Cartridge changes color as the resin exhausts. You can refill the cartridge with our bulk resin packs and really save money.

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions: 11" x 2" housing with bracket and DI cartridge

Weighs: 4 pounds

Illustrations/Diagrams/InstructionsHow to use Push In Quick Connect fittings