DI Resin Cartridge 10" Color Changing

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Product Description :

Professionally packed standard 10" color changing deionization resin cartridge. Our mixed bed resin is ( 50% Anion / 50% Cation ). The 10" cartridge is refillable. We pack 1.25 lbs of resin in each cartridge. The resin color changes from blue to a light brown/amber color when it is exhausting. Color changing resin is perfect for reef-keeping as this helps you to visually keep track of the quality of your water.

Typically, this filter was found only in pharmaceutical and other laboratories. Today however, these filters are found in home reverse osmosis systems for control of arsenic, nitrates, perchlorates and phosphates. They are also a favorite of reef keepers and salt water fish enthusiasts. So if you need zero(0) TDS water, you need one of our DI cartridges. This DI cartridge contains the freshest high quality resin you can purchase on the planet. We are experts at delivering on our promises since 1982! Our resin is shipped directly from the manufacturer quarterly, is kept in climate controlled environment and our di resin cartridges are professionally packed the same day they ship. You will never be disappointed with our resin, freshness is always guaranteed! 

Standard Features :

ResinTech MBD-30 is a 1:1 volumetric mixture of CG8-H (an amber-colored hydrogen form cation resin) and SBG1P-OH-ID (a dyed hydroxide form type 1 porous strong base anion resin). The anion component is infused with a permanent pH indicator dye that changes color from blue to amber as the resin exhausts. MBD-30 is intended for use in cartridge applications where a color indication of resin exhaustion is desired.

Many manufacturing processes require high purity water for washing, rinsing and test purposes. Not all processes requiring demineralized water need the ultimate quality; however, they may require multi-megohm resistivity water. MBD-30 is designed to provide demineralized water with a resistivity in excess of 18.3 megohm. It is specially intended for use in cartridge applications with clear (see-through) housings. Such systems are typically designed without meters and rely on the changing color of the mixed bed resin to indicate exhaustion. In typical operation there is a safety line at the exit end of the cartridge, and when the color change reaches that level, the cartridge is considered exhausted and exchanged for a fresh cartridge. Our DI resin is rated for 6,800 ppm tds per 10" cartridge, with a minimum of 3,000 ppm tds holding capacity across almost all water profile types.

Dimensions and Weight : 9 7/8" x 2.5", 1.5 pounds

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