Softening Filter In-Line

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Softening Filter In-Line

In-Line Softening Filter.

If you do not already have a water softener in your house, you should consider adding this Softening Filter as a pre-filter in front of your RO unit. This will both clean and soften the water and will enhance the performance of your RO system and extend the life of the membrane. The filter has two 1/4" quick connect fittings. To install, just cut the tubing feeding water into your unit and insert this in-line softening filter.

DIMENSIONS: 2" diameter and 12" long.

WEIGHT: 1 pound

Illustrations/Diagrams/Instructions How to Change Filters
How to use Push In Quick Connect fittings
Additional Information This is a use-then-dispose-of in-line-softener .... it can remove about 2500 grains of hardness before exhausting .... so in other words, if your water hardness is 5 .... then you can soften about 500 gallons of your water. If your water hardness is 2.5 ... then you can soften 1,000 gallons.