Fast Flush Ball Valve with Restrictor

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MISCFast Flush Ball Valve with Restrictor

This fast flush flow restrictor is designed to allow you to quickly clean off your membrane and get the stale water out of your unit to eliminate TDS creep. Just open the fast flush valve for a couple of gallons to extend the life of your membrane and save on your DI resin.

Standard Features

Extend the life of your membrane. This valve allows you to perform a rapid rinsing of the membrane surface . This rinse is done under reduced water pressure. When you open the fast flush valve the water that normally is controlled by the flow restrictor runs freely to drain. This valve opens up the restrictor. You will receive: the Ball Valve Combined with Restrictor assembled with 2 quick connect male connectors and a page of photo instructions for quick installation. Choose you size 550 for 50 GPD, size 800 for 75 GPD, size 1000 for 100 GPD and size 1100 for the 150 GPD systems. When you want to Fast Flush your system, open the black handle to the parallel position and let the water run down the drain for a couple of minutes. When making water, close the valve handle to the perpendicular position which will create back-pressure to the membrane, then once sufficient pressure is built up the flow restrictor will let water though to the drain.

Dimensions and Weight


Size: 1 inch diameter by 4" with 1/4" quick connect fittings on each end 

  Weight :  .2 Pounds 

Illustrations/Diagrams/Instructions How to use Push In Quick Connect fittings