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ED - Extra Duty Reverse Osmosis Unit

This Energy Recovery Reverse Osmosis System will add the pressure you will need for the new refrigerator, which require higher pressure. This permeate pump will also reduce your waste water.

*Upgrading to a Catalytic Carbon stage removes on average 5 times more Chloramines than any carbon block on the market (including the ones specifically designed to "bust" chloramines). The option above adds Catalytic Carbon cartridge in place of 5 micron carbon block.


FREE! Please tell us which supply connection you would like in the notes section of your order, or you will get the most popular connection, the sv-6.


Standard Features

The ED Water Cop - Comes complete with everything you need to install and use. Installation is easy; the plumbing connections are plug-and-play. No pipe dope, Teflon Tape, wrenches, or glue. These fittings just push in. The typical RO system stores water at around 30 psi the ED drives that pressure to 45 PSI. More than enough water pressure. The ED does this while saving you up to 80% of the water wasted by normal tap water systems. Simple to install no bigger than an ordinary system, the Permeate Pump does make a clicking noise every few seconds, forcing the pure water into the storage tank. (If the noise is too loud for you can wrap a dish towel around the unit to make it a quieter pulsating sound.) You will love it!


This permeate pump will increase the quality and quantity of water and was designed specifically for those with cold, low-pressure, or poor water quality. The Permeate pump is the Auto Shut off Valve. The ERP 500 is a quiet Permeate Pump designed for household usage with RO drinking water systems.


Our ED (Extra Duty) unit is a five stage, permeate pump enhanced, RO drinking water system.


Stage 1 10 Micron Poly Pro sediment filter


Stage 2 5 Micron Coconut Carbon gem block filter


Stage 3 1 Micron Coconut Carbon gem block filter


Stage 4 50 GPD FilmTec membrane for removing contaminates such as bacteria, viruses, arsenic and mercury.


Stage 5 Granulated in-line carbon polishing filter; which is the final stage between your storage tank and faucet - this filter improves the taste and quality of your stored water.


The Best Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed Period! If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied!"

Dimensions and Weight


Unit  Width: 14.5" X Height: 16" X  Depth: 5.5" 

3.2 Gallon Tank: Diameter:  11"  X  Height: 15" 

 Total Unit & Tank Weight :  25 Pounds


Extra Duty WaterCop Diagram 
Extra Duty WaterCop Installation Guide
Permeate Pump Installation Guide
How to Change Filters
How to use Push In Quick Connect fittings
Trouble Shooting Guide

Additional Information

Exclusive features include a chrome swivel, two position push-in, goose neck faucet and supply valve. All the hardware and tubing needed to complete your installation. Push-in fittings eliminating the need for tools, tape, or glue. Easy-to-use illustrated instruction manual. Filter wrench. Also a full set of installation instructions and diagrams for your reference.