20 Gallon Storage Tank

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Designed for RO water systems or as a well pump water storage tank. 20 gallon NSF certified reverse osmosis pressurized water tank. Stand included. This tank comes equipped with a 1" female NPT opening. Tank is sold without a connection. 

All manufacturers for pressure tanks list the size of the tank, the actual amount of water the tank can hold is approximately 85% of the stated gallon size, about 17 gallons. Add a permeate pump to your system to increase the amount of water and pressure in your tank!

Warranty included!  1st year, 100% credit, 2nd year 50% credit, lifetime 10% credit.  Please see warranty page for more information.


Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions: 16" x 32"


Weighs: 37 pounds

Illustrations/Diagrams/InstructionsHow to use Push In Quick Connect fittings