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ASOV - Automatic - Shut - Off - Valve

Replaces existing ASOV in most systems and can be added to older systems that do not automatically shut down. You will need a float valve or a pressure tank to provide back pressure on the pure water side. This back pressure will then stop the input water from coming into the system.

Standard Features

ASOV Automatic Shut Off Valve

Push in connections. These are pressure sensitive devices. A piston moves in relation to water pressure. When there is a lot of back pressure on the pure water side of your system the piston moves to close off the water supply to the system. When you start using water from the container, water pressure is relieved and the piston moves to allow tap water to enter the system. You can use this valve with a float valve in a storage tank and have totally automatic tank filling and shut down system. If you have a home RO with a pressure tank, you do not need a float for the system to be automatic.

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions: About three inches

Weight: 2 oz

Illustrations/Diagrams/InstructionsASOV Diagram
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