Typhoon Filter Pack

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Catalytic Carbon Upgrade :
Typhoon Filter Pack

Water flows right to left; the way the package is pictured above.

Package includes: 1) 10 micron sediment filter, 1) 5 micron Coconut Carbon Block or Catalytic Carbon Cartridge, 1) 1 micron Coconut Carbon Block and 1) Full size vertical color changing DI Cartridge.

*Upgrading to a Catalytic Carbon stage removes on average 5 times more Chloramines than any carbon block on the market (including the ones specifically designed to "bust" chloramines). The option above adds Catalytic Carbon cartridge in place of 5 micron carbon block.

Standard Features

 TPACK has the following 4 Filters:

1. A heavy duty, standard industry size 10 micron poly pro sediment filter.

2. A five micron acid washed* Gem coconut carbon block filter, removing 98-99% of chlorine or full 10" Catalytic Carbon Cartridge

3. A one micron acid washed* Gem coconut carbon block filter, that removes the remaining chemicals and chlorine.

4. A full sized, high capacity, re-usable DI cartridge. This vertical color changing DI cartridge removes the remaining TDS missed by the FilmTec membrane. As the resin is used, the color changes. Once the color change is complete you simply install a new cartridge or buy our bulk resin and refill it.

For use on all 10" RODI systems, where you have 4 cartridge housings across the bottom. Fits all standard 10" housing units.

Dimensions and Weight:

Height : Standard 10 " x 2.5 " 

Weight :  4 pounds 

Illustrations/Diagrams/Instructions: How to Change Filters