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The original Typhoon and each of the 7,500 of them made since then are all equipped with an ASOV for automatic top off. We introduced the ASOV to reefkeeping in 2001. The Typhoon unit comes pre-assembled with the filters and membrane installed. Your unit is pressure tested with 65 psi water. The filters and membrane are installed the day we ship. You only need to make three plumbing connections and you are done. Just connect to your source water, waste water and then enjoy zero TDS water, Zip, Zero, Zilch, Nada. NO TDS.

*Upgrading to a Catalytic Carbon stage removes on average 5 times more Chloramines than any carbon block on the market (including the ones specifically designed to "bust" chloramines). The option above adds Catalytic Carbon cartridge in place of 5 micron carbon block.



Standard Features
The Typhoon ReefKeeping RODI
5 stage with ASOV


Easy to use push-in fittings make installation a snap. 40 years and tens of thousands of reefkeepers later and still no reports of problems. We offer you a complete one frame system which has all the protection you will ever need.


All of our Typhoon machines are equipped with re-usable DI cartridges. The Typhoon is a 5 stage RODI (Reverse Osmosis/De-Ionizing) reefkeeper supplied with a 75 GPD FilmTec (TFC) membrane for truly great water quality and production rates. This Typhoon unit comes fully assembled and is equipped will all first class installation hardware, including a sturdy extruded clamp style water supply valve, drain saddle, two in-line ball valves, and 24 feet of 1/4" tubing. We even include the filter wrench. All fittings are push-in, eliminating the need for tools, teflon tape, or glue. Comes with a fast flush flow restrictor to reduce TDS creep and prolong the life of the membrane. 

The five stages of filtration are as follows: 

Stage 1 - Heavy duty, standard industry size 10 micron Poly Pro Sediment filter.

Stage 2 - 5 micron acid washed Gem coconut carbon block filter, removing 98-99% of chlorine

Stage 3 - 1 micron acid washed Gem coconut carbon block filter, that removes the remaining chemicals and chlorine.

Stage 4 - 75 GPD FilmTec membrane removing up to 99% of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

Stage 5 - A full sized, high capacity, re-usable DI cartridge* to bring the TDS down to ZERO. 

*This vertical color changing resin in the DI cartridge removes any remaining TDS left by the FilmTec membrane. As the resin is used, the color changes. Once the color change is complete you simply install a new cartridge or buy our bulk resin and refill it. This deionization nuclear grade resin is a mixed bed DI of both Anion & Cation resins made by ResinTech.

Dimensions and Weight

Width:   22"   X  Height: 15"  X  Depth: 5.5" 

Weight :  21 pounds


Typhoon Diagram
Typhoon Installation Instructions
How to Change Filters
How to use Push In Quick Connect fittings
Trouble Shooting Guide

Additional Information

See an independent review of this typhoon by  THE REEFTANK

You can choose the type of water source connection you want: supply valve, hose connection, or faucet adapter. If no water source connection is chosen, you will receive a supply valve.



Totally automated water making can be yours!  

Just order the optional float valve. Once you mount the float valve in your storage tank, the ASOV and the float valve work together to control all of your water making automatically.