2" 150 PSI Gauge (bracket mount)

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2" 150 psi stainless steel glycerin filled pressure gauge.  This is the gauge that comes built into the frame of our fully loaded Typhoon III Extreme. 

Standard Features

Pressure Gauge (0-150 PSI ) to add to your RO/Reefkeeper unit. Gauge is bracket mounted. The face has a 2.0" diameter.

The included bracket comes with screws to allow you to tighen to hold the gauge into place on the frame.  The gauge has a tubing pressure fitting to attach the gauge to 1/4" tubing. That tubing would then be attached to a "T" fitting to measure the PSI of the desired tubing line. In our Typhoon Extreme unit, we attach this "T" to the waste water line leaving the membrane housing.

Dimensions and Weight


Width:  1.5"   X  Height: 1.5 "  X  Depth: 1.0 "  

Weight :     .5 Pounds

Additional Information PSI Gauges measure the amount of water pressure that exists inside of a water line. It is NOT a flow meter. When water is flowing through a water line, the gauge needle may vibrate and may have a reading that has no real value. The only accurate PSI reading is obtained when the water flow has been closed off, and then the PSI gauge will reflect the water pressure in the water line.