Ph Restructuring Pod Refill

Ph Restructuring Pod Refill

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One Refill for our PH restructuring POD.

You can save money by refilling your ph restructuring pod. Just empty the old media out of the inline filters and replace with the new media packs.

you will receive in this kit the following :

1 x inline activated carbon taste and odor filter

1 x refill of maifan stone

1 x refill of mineral stone

1 x refill of liquid calcium ball media

This array of post filtration will add tons of flavor to your water with our PH restructuring POD refill kit. These minerals boost your PH significantly and offer a noticeably  improved taste to your water.  Boost PH by 1-2 points by adding 10-20 ppm calcium, magnesium and other beneficial minerals to your body!

Illustrations/Diagrams/Instructions How to Change Filters