Restructuring Pod +PH Boost Filter +Magnesium +Calcium

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Water Restructuring Pod 

Boost your drinking water PH by adding Magnesium, Calcium & Trace minerals to your drinking water!

We have scoured the earth looking for the best solution to deliver this ph & mineral boost solution to our customer family for several years. We finally have your solution to increase your PH by way of adding magnesium, calcium and trace minerals in this sub-compact inline filter water restructuring POD.

Size is 12x6x6 and can be re-arranged in several dimensions to fit in smaller cabinets. This water restructuring POD always goes right before your drinking water RO faucet / refrigerator. 

Installation is super simple! Simply cut the RO tube going into your faucet/fridge & push both ends of the tube you just cut into the two quick connect ports included with the restructuring POD. Done! This is a perfect way to boost the taste and PH of your drinking water and add beneficial dissolved minerals to your body. We love the results and are confident your family will aswell.

Restructuring POD is plug & play. This POD includes:

  • 6 feet of standard 1/4" tubing
  • 2 x 1/4" connections, (3/8" tubing & connections available on request - just comment in your order notes!) 
  • 6 x inline filter housing clips (small x small)
  • the following 4 inline filters with our select choice of media as follows:
stage 1: Maifan stone 
stage 2: Mixed Mineral 
stage 3: Liquid Calcium Ball
stage 4: Coconut Shell Carbon Taste & Odor 

You want this POD. Having a 4 stage water restructuring array will allow you to get the benefit beyond the first couple of cups of water. Having just one puny single inline filter with all 3 media inside wasn't good enough for us to bring to your attention. Another reason we recommend having a separate "POD" is that these filters are heavy enough to make most RO systems unstable, potentially tipping your RO system over if clipped to the the top of your RO system. 

POD should be expected to add 5-15 ppm of calcium, magnesium and other beneficial trace minerals into your purified RO water.

During our PH test, we consistently go from 6.75 ph before to 8.5ph AFTER the water restructuring POD.

You will immediately notice a fairly significant difference in taste and texture of your water after installing this water restructuring POD. 

Please keep this POD out of sunlight, preferably in the dark, such as under your sink cabinet. 

Super Easy Install:

step 1: Connect POD to your RO system just before your RO faucet.

step 2: Allow water to enter into the POD. (open your RO faucet to draw the water through the filters)

step 3: Allow the filters to sit and soak in the water for 12-24 hours.

step 4: After soaking the filter media for 12-24 hours, DISCARD the first 5 gallons of water that goes through the POD. (if you do not perform this step... the water will taste "chalky" as there is a higher than desired concentration of minerals in the first few gallons that are produced from the POD)

step 5: Enjoy!

Dimensions: 12" x 6" x 6"

Weight: 6 pounds

Expected Life: 1.5-2 years or 1500 gallons

Replacement Media Pack: POD Media Pack (inline carbon filter and enough of the 3 different media to refill the 3 refillable clear housings). Cost = $59.95