Extreme TPack

Extreme TPack

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Extreme TPack

This EXTREME Typhoon Filter pack is thirsty for your CHLORAMINES! Not only is this popular filter pack installed in our Typhoon III Extreme RODI system, it is compatible with ALL RO systems with standard 10 inch housings. The following filters are included and are packed fresh the day you order:

Stage 1: Sediment Filter (Poly-polypropylene 10 Micron)

Stage 2: Catalytic Activated Carbon (for chloramines - granular)

Stage 3: Carbon Block (Coconut shell activated carbon - 1 micron)

Stage 4: DI cartridge (Color-Changing Mixed Bed De-ionization resin )


For use on all Reefkeepers, where you have 4 cartridges across the bottom. Fits all standard Reefkeeper 10" housing units.

Dimensions and Weight

Height : Standard 10 " x  2.5 " 

Weight : 4 pounds 

Illustrations/Diagrams/Instructions How to Change Filters

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