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The Compact is a five stage RODI Reefkeeping system using a 75 GPD FilmTec membrane as default for truly great water quality and production rates. This unit has a five stage filtration system to get Reefkeepers down to 0 TDS water!

*Upgrading to a Catalytic Carbon stage removes on average 5 times more Chloramines than any carbon block on the market (including the ones specifically designed to "bust" chloramines). The option above adds Catalytic Carbon cartridge in place of 5 micron carbon block.



Standard Features

The Compact uses five stages of filtration and purification:

Stage 1 Heavy duty standard industry size 10 Micron Poly Pro sediment filter.

Stage 2 Genuine Gem coconut 5 Micron carbon block *Acid washed.

Stage 3 Genuine Gem coconut 1 Micron carbon block filter *Acid Washed. This removes the remaining chemicals. This filter is rated for 9,000 gallons.

Stage 4 FilmTec TFC membrane 75 GPD installed as default membrane.

Stage 5 One In-line DI cartridge

You will get truly awesome quality water and very good production rates. The unit is practically zero maintenance, essentially self cleaning with use of the fast flush flow restrictor. Once a week or once every two weeks, simply open the fast flush flow restrictor and let run for three to five minutes; cleaning the membrane off, then close it back up and you're ready to make RODI water again while preserving the life of your FilmTec membrane. 

If you wanted to add an RO only valve, a DI bypass assembly and a handheld TDS meter .... check out the Compact III.

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions: 19" x 16" x 6" 

Weight: 16 pounds

Illustrations/Diagrams/InstructionsCompact Reefkeeper
Compact ReefKeeper Installation Guide
How to Change Filters
How to use Push In Quick Connect fittings
Trouble Shooting Guide
Reefkeeper Installation Tips
Additional Information

All hardware including your choice of hose, faucet, or SV-6 supply valves. PLEASE specify your connection piece. We default to copper piercing supply valve. (If you are attempting to install on braided hose you will have to purchase the "Adapt-a-valve for braided hose" separately.) Push-in fittings- eliminating the need for tools, tape, or glue. "Plug and play." Automatic Shut Off Valve installed. Supply valve, drain saddle, filter wrench, in-line ball valve and 24 feet of 1/4 inch food safe tubing. Diagram and instructions.