Chloramine Filter Pack

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Chloramine Filter Pack

This filter pack replaces one of the carbon block filters with an activated granular catalytic carbon filter which is specifically designed to remove any chloramines that may get added to your city water.

Standard Features: Pure Water Dream Pack. CHLORAMINE FILTER PACK! This special filter pack contains 3 pre-filters which is the perfect combination to protect your membrane from dirt and chemicals. 

Stage 1: 10" 10 Micron PolyPro Sediment Filter

Stage 2: 10" Catalytic Carbon Cartridge

Stage 3: 10" Coconut Shell GAC Carbon Block - 1 Micron

For use on all 10" RO systems, where you have 3 cartridge housings across the bottom. Fits all standard 10" housing units.

Dimensions and Weight:

Height : Standard 10 " x 2.5 " 

Weight :  3 pounds 

Illustrations/Diagrams/Instructions: How to Change Filters