Chloramine 4 Pack

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Chloramine 4 Pack

The water flows right to left, as the filters are listed below.

10 Micron Sediment

Granulated Catalytic Activated Carbon (refillable)

1 Micron Carbon block

Final in-line taste & odor reduction filter

This filter pack replaces one of the carbon block filters with an activated granular catalytic carbon filter which is specifically designed to remove any chloramines that may get added to your city water. This filter pack would work in the Water Cop or the ED - Extra Duty drinking water system.

For use on all 10" RO systems, where you have 3 cartridge housings across the bottom. Fits all standard 10" housing units.

Dimensions and Weight:

Height : Standard 10 " x 2.5 " 

Weight :  4 pounds 

Illustrations/Diagrams/Instructions: How to Change Filters