Catalytic Carbon Cartridge 10"

Catalytic Carbon Cartridge 10"

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Catalytic Carbon Cartridge Filter Overview

The filter listed here is a refillable granular Catalytic Activated Carbon filter which is specifically designed to remove chlorine and chloramines from your water. At Air, Water & Ice, we always have over 10,000 filters in stock. Dependable parts since 1982! We also wholesale.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the Catalytic Carbon Cartridge filter and other filtration products!

About Chloramines & Why You May Need the Catalytic Carbon Cartridge

What's the big deal with chloramines? Well, about 40% of you reading this have chloramines in your water. No worries, it is a disinfectant just like chlorine - but, it has an ammonia gas molecule so our water companies can disinfect the water across longer distances. It's important to note that lots of sellers of "expensive" filters out there claim that carbon blocks are the best way to go for point of use...WRONG!

The Catalytic Activated Carbon filter on this page is the what the Water Quality Association suggest for point of use. To check and see if your city has chloramines, click here.

Standard Features:

If you are experiencing ammonia leakage in any RO system due to chloramines this is the cartridge for you!

  • Ammonia Leaking: Complete effective control of Chloramines with just this simple change to your old ammonia leaking system. If you are experiencing ammonia leakage in any RO system due to Chloramines this is the cartridge for you.
  • Catalytic Carbon Cartridges: We have filled our (re-fillable style) media housing with Centaur Catalytic carbon from Calgon. If you are aware of our DI cartridge you know this is as large a cartridge as will fit in to a standard RO housing. Catalytic carbon cartridges can save you from a lot of grief when used to replace the existing 5 micron carbon block filter in five stage R.O.D.I. systems. Just remove the 5 micron carbon block filter in the system and use this carbon stage instead, you can follow up with a one micron acid washed coconut carbon block.
  • Notes on RO System Improvements: Making this change and using this combination will bring new life to old obsolete four stage RO systems. In a standard RO system with three lower housings you would start with a 10 micron sediment filter, then this catalytic carbon filter then the 1 micron carbon block filter. For more information, please see the special combo package price below.

With the Catalytic Carbon Cartridge 10" product, you'll benefit from complete effective control of chloramines, with just this simple change to your old ammonia leaking system.

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Dimension: 9 7/8" x 2 1/2"
  • Weight: 1 pound

Illustrations, Diagrams & Instructions:

Chloramine Fact Sheet:

Water Quality Association Chloramine Fact Sheet

Last Notes on Catalytic Carbon Cartridge 10" Filter:

If you do have chloramines in your water we suggest our Catalytic Carbon Upgrade. We have also built in a custom option on the website to upgrade your filter pack to the Catalytic Carbon.

The Catalytic carbon will replace the 5 micron carbon block and is followed by a 1 micron or less filter before entering the membrane stage.

Why Choose Us for Catalytic Carbon Cartridge Filters?

Air, Water & Ice, established in 1982, is your online resource for all things filters, RODI systems, DI resin/deionization, membranes, water testing, pumps, and other parts. If at any time you have questions about reducing the chloramines in your water, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team!

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