Saltwater Aquarium Anti TDS Storage Tank

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Saltwater Aquarium Anti TDS Storage Tank for SMART Evaporation Top Off Automation. 


The Anti-TDS Creep Food-Grade Tank!

This is a 33 gallon RODI water storage tank that will dramatically reduce the amount of TDS creep that your unit makes and thus will also reduce the amount of DI resin that you exhaust when making RODI water.

TDS Creep is the high TDS water that an RO unit makes when: A) the initial water made when starting up the RO water has high TDS as it is making water from the stale water that has been sitting inside the unit, or B) the water made by an RO unit that is under low pressure, such as when the RO unit is being used as a top off system where the unit makes water to match the evaporation rate.

The solution is that this Anti-TDS Creep Tank will trigger the RODI unit to make many gallons of water each time that the unit starts making water, thus dramatically reducing TDS creep caused by the initial start-up and/or slow RODI water production.

Standard Features

This improvement for the large scale reef-keeper or any other producer of high quality RODI water. With this new storage device you can kiss TDS creep problems good-bye. All RODI systems suffer TDS creep. It's just a fact! No name brand system is immune, not Culligan, Kent, SpectraPure, Aqua FX or even ours.


Some method has to be provided to make longer system cycles bceause the longer cycles equals less TDS creep impact. TDS creep is part and parcel of the RODI process.


Total Dissolved Solids creep


  1. What is it?
  2. In what type of application does TDS creep need controled?
  3. How does TDS creep impact your system?
  4. Why do you use so many DI cartridges?
  5. Why do your pumps, fittings and system controls require to much maintenance?
  6. How does anti TDS creep work?
  7. What is this TDS creep?

TDS creep is the initial high TDS water that an RODI unit makes when either 1) first starting up  to make RODI water or 2) the water by an RODI unit under low pressure such as, when the RODI unit is being used as an automatic top off system where the RODI units makes water to match the evaporation rates. TDS creep is the result of the membrane processing water under very low water pressure (system off) conditions. The membrane will still process water, but not much water. Water produced under the low water pressure conditions is much lower quality thus higher in TDS.


In what type of application do you need to control TDS creep? Any time you are replacing evaporation or using extremely small amounts of water at one time. In other words, any time your system cycles repeatedly just to make a small amount of pure water. Sump top off is one example of a small volume of water per on - off operation. 


How does it impact your system? Each time you short cycle, the RODI system feeds your DI cartridge much lower quality water than when your RODI system is all ready up and running. The lower quality water shortens DI resin life. If your system is pump driven, then you rish ruining the pumps and hammering the system to death, on-off, on-off 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Eventually causing fittings and pumps to fail or burst.


Why do you exhaust DI cartridges so fast? This happens a great deal when you use float valves to replace evaporation. Water evaporates gradually all day, every day. Some electrical systems use timers to delay the operation of the RODI system. The goal is to run the RODI system as long as possible each time you use the system. 


Why do your pumps, fittings and system controls require so much maintenance? It is the constant on-off cycling. Even systems that are not pump driven suffer water hammer each and every time the unit shuts off. Pump driven systems suffer the most.


This complete storage with anti TDS creep system comes fully assembled and is mounted on its own tank. You will not need to go out an buy a Rubbermaid® trash can. How does it work? Your RODI system is forced to fill a very large volume of water before it can turn off. The larger the volume, the more water needs to be made to fill that volume. Longer run times mean better RODI system cycles of operation. If you are operating a fish store that uses float valves to control evaporation or even a large scale reef-keeper hobbyist, this device is a must have for you! I know it sounds expensive, but it could actually cost you nothing. It may even begin to pay you. Fish stores will benefit right away from the Anti TDS Creep tank. Better and cheaper water for the store and your customers. The system is around 18" x 33" tall. it will hold about 35 gallons of RODI water. UPS will deliver it. No pumps. No hassles.


How does it work? There are two float valves involved. Your RODI water is fed into the storage tank from your RODI unit into the top Tank Float valve. (The 1/4" to 38" reducing union is attached to the 3/8" tubing provided, attach to RODI unit then into Top float valve. You can either leave the lip off or drill a hole at the top of the Tank for the tubing, a 3/8" bulkhead union is included). The first float valve is inside the small white tank that is inside the big blue tank. The float valve inside the white tank controls if any water comes into the blue tank. When the blue tank is full, at the full level; the white tank then fills and stops water from entering the blue tank. Water is then removed from the blue tank and the small tank stays full until the water level drops below the bottom of the white tank; thus the float valve in the white tank opens to allow the into the blue tank. Many gallons of fresh RODI water will be made every time this happens. Thus you eliminate your RODI unit from making small amounts of water which will have TDS creep to fresh water that will have much lower TDS.

Dimensions and Weight

Diameter: :19 x 19 x35

 40 pounds