10.7 Gallon Storage Tank

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Tank Ball Valve Option :

10.7 gallon NSF certified reverse osmosis pressure tank, hydro-pneumatic bladder and captive air tank are all common names for this water storage tank. Water fills a food safe bladder which is surrounded by a cushion of air.

Not all bladder tanks are created equal. There is a difference in tanks for regular water storage and tanks designed for pure water storage. This NSF certified tank is rated for reverse osmosis water storage and has stainless steel connection points verses common steel which will corrode when exposed to pure water. Never buy a uncertified tank for drinking water storage.

This tank comes equipped with a 1" female NPT opening. Tank ball valve in picture is NOT included in default selection. ***Please select the optional 1/4” (standard) or 3/8” tank ball valve when configuring your tank.***

✔ Black stand in picture is included.

Dimensions: 26” x 16” inches (can be installed horizontally or vertically)

Weight: 24 lbs

Rating: up to 90 psi

Warranty: 1st year=100% credit, 2nd year=50% credit, 3rd year=33% credit.

Additional Info:

All manufacturers of pressure tanks list the gallon size of the tank, not the actual amount of water the tank can hold. The amount of water that a pressure tank can hold is approximately 85% of the stated gallon size.

Did you know? Adding a permeate pump to your system increases the amount of water and pressure in your tank, this means it takes significantly less time to fill up a glass of water (as compared to the same system without a permeate pump).