10" 5 Micron Carbon Block

10" 5 Micron Carbon Block

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Our certified carbon blocks are made from roasted coconut shells (not coal). This filter is rated at 3,000 gallons. Removes chlorine and organic matter (VOC’s). A 5 micron filter is the minimum protection required by your membrane.  Carbon protects the membrane from oxidation and premature failure (holes in membrane) caused by chlorine breakthrough.  

If you have Chloramines in your water, this is the filter that we replace with our catalytic carbon cartridge per the WQA recommendation for point of use applications.  

Standard Features

Gem coconut carbon block filters are made from roasted coconut shell not coal and are rated at 3,000 gallons. Removes any additional chlorine and organic matter. Prepares water to enter Reverse Osmosis membrane chlorine and chemical free. The GEM coconut carbon block filter. Highest chemical removal rating and the lowest ash content in the industry. These fine carbon filters are not made from coal. They are made from roasted Coconut shell. Can you get any more natural or pure? The comment we always hear from current owners of systems is these filters provide better tasting water. Can Coconut carbon block filters be improved upon? Yes! If you rinse this fine carbon in acid it will be purified it and reduce it's ash content. So that is exactly what is done. They are acid rinsed and individually wrapped. Dimension: 9 7/8" x 2 1/2". Fits standard 10" housings.

Dimensions and Weight

Dimension: 9 7/8" x 2 1/2"

Weight: 1 pound

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