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DI Resin Refillable Kit

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DI Refillable Kit

This DI refillable kit gives you 5 pounds of DI color changing resin and a clear reusable filter cartridge. That is enough resin for four refills. That's about $10.00 per refill.

Standard Features DI cartridges are expensive when you buy them complete. You can save really big bucks filling them yourself. This kit gives you 1) reusable re-fillable filter cartridge and enough resin for four refills. That's just a little over $11.00 per refill. Compare that to $25.00 commonly charged for just one cartridge. 1) Simple 2) Easy 3) Real money saver. The DI resin is color changing. So to sum it all up you can make lots and lots of D.I. water for peanuts. You actually save enough on your very first order to buy a TDS meter If you want and still have money in your pocket. Save lots and lots of money on your D.I. water needs.