Merlin Membranes & Filter Pack

Merlin Membranes & Filter Pack

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erlin Membranes & Filter Pack

This Complete Merlin Membrane and Filter Pack includes: Two GE Merlin Reverse Osmosis membranes that are required for membrane replacement in the Merlin unit, plus a 17" Carbon Prefilter. This works beautifully with the branded GE / Merlin / Hydrologic / Hawthorne / Evolution RO 1000 as well.. These 3 filters will get your system working like new, no matter who owns the manufacturing of the Evolution RO 1000 ! 

Dimensions and Weight

Membrane Diameter : 3" x Height:17" 

Dimensions: Carbon Pre-filter Diameter: 2.5 " x Height: 17" 

Dimensions: Carbon Post-filter Diameter: 2.5 " x Height: 17" 

Weight:8 pounds 

Illustrations/Diagrams/InstructionsHow to Change Filters
How to use Push In Quick Connect fittings
Additional Information


The Merlin membranes are manufactured by GE and is covered under their limited 2 year warranty. AWI does not warranty these membranes. All returns must be made directly to the supplier, call for more details.