Ultra Violet UV-108S Kit

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Ultra Violet UV-108S Kit


This is a simple to install ultraviolet disinfection system that kills the germs that cannot be seen!

Standard Features

Ultra Violet UV-108S Kit This modular (1.4 ) gallon per minute Ultra-Violet disinfection system incorporates our signaling ballast. That is right, if something is wrong you get a warning signal. Stainless steel reactor vessel, quartz sleeve, electronic ballast and UV lamp are all included you need nothing more. This ( 1.4 ) gallon per minute system can be used as pre or post filter stage in any water treatment application. It is perfect as a post application on an RO system.

The electronic signaling ballast comes as a 120 v.d.c. 60Hz. supply, and comes with an audio alarm and LED indicator. This system is manufactured with an axial flow ultra violet reactor in 304 stainless steel. This really high quality system demonstrates its quality, throughout with fire-polished quartz sleeves and seamless connections.

The one expendable part of this system is the germicidal UV lamp can be easily changed with out any disassembly of the unit. You stay connected, no turning off your water supply. In fact if needed the ballast/connector can be removed without any interruption of water supply as well. Simple high quality, easy to use, own and maintain! This 1.4 GPM, Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer comes with the 9 watt lamp, stainless steel housing and 100% Quartz sleeve. This is not a plastic U.V. system . This unit is made of stainless steel, has a quartz sleeve protecting the U.V. lamp . The power supply has an led and audio alarm built in . You get fittings , mounting bracket , power suppy, lamp ,quartz sleeve and stainless steel vessel. Everything you need to add Ultra violet protection to your drinking water system . Bulb changing is super simple because there is no need to turn off the water . Just slip the lamp out connect a new lamp and slip the new lamp back in. All U.V. lamps should be replaced at least annually.

Dimensions and Weight

DIMENSIONS: 3" Diameter and 12" long with two 1/4 ": quick connect fittings.

WEIGHT: 3 pounds