3 Pack Filters

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Catalytic Carbon Upgrade :
3 Pack

This filter replacement pack has: 1) Sediment 10 Micron, 1)Acid washed Coconut Carbon block 5 Micron and a 1) Acid washed Coconut Carbon block one Micron.

*Upgrading to a Catalytic Carbon stage removes on average 5 times more Chloramines than any carbon block on the market (including the ones specifically designed to "bust" chloramines). The option above adds Catalytic Carbon cartridge in place of 5 micron carbon block.

Standard Features

The 3 pack is the pre-filter pack for our: WaterCop, ED, Typhoon, Typhoon III, Typhoon III Extreme, Compact, Dual Home Reef and our Neptune systems. These universal filters replace about 90% of all five stage RO systems out there. We ask you to change your pre-filters every 6-12 months so that chlorine will not pass by your carbon blocks and ruin your membrane, causing your water to smell or throw off the taste. The 3 Pack includes the following filters: 10" Poly Pro Sediment 10 Micron (1), 10" Acid washed Coconut Carbon block 5 Micron (1) and 10" Acid washed Coconut Carbon block one Micron. UNIVERSAL 10" Filters. If your on well water OR your city uses chloramines (chlorine plus ammonia) please upgrade to the catalytic carbon option above as catalytic carbon last 5 times longer than any carbon block. You can easily find out if your water provider uses chlorine or chloramines by either 1) Calling the number on your water bill and asking them or 2) by googling the name of the water provider and put "water quality report" in quotes.. If you need help or assistance feel free to text or call us. 772-461-0256

For use on all 10" RO systems, where you have 3 cartridge housings across the bottom. Fits all standard 10" housing units.

Dimensions and Weight:

Height : Standard 10 " x 2.5 " 

Weight :  3 pounds 

Illustrations/Diagrams/Instructions: How to Change Filters