Chrome Spout Faucet 11.5"

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Chrome Spout Faucet 11.5"

This awesome Polished Chrome Finished Faucet is a quick and easy replacement for a standard goose-neck faucet. It retails for duoble this price at other stores. This polished chrome goose-neck stands 11.5" tall from the counter top. It has a 1/4" quick connect tubing fitting for the water supply. Installation requires a 1/2" hole; but the hole can be bigger as it has a 1.4" diameter bottom cover plate. The bottom side comes with a threaded male connection with washers and nut for a secure connection.

Dimensions and Weight 

Requires a 1/2" hole, it has a 1.5" diameter bottom plate ... then threaded male Quick Connection.

The goose-neck stands 11.5 " tall. The threaded portion is 4.5". 

Weighs 1.4 pounds