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Upgrade to Catalytic Carbon :
ADD 20" Double DI Stage w/ Dual TDS meter Option :

This 1000 GPD + RO system is the industry standard when it comes to making ultrapure RO / RODI ( deionized ) water for your business. What ANY business owner wants is a non-hassle system that is affordable and easy to manage (i.e. ability to train someone else to do it). THIS is the system for you. This system has been made for over 25 years and we always have ALL the parts and filters for this system. This specific RO system was designed to make ultrapure water in the most affordable way with the industries highest rejection rated products. That is exactly what this system is. Instead of paying for a low 92-95% rejection rate system (evolution), this system has a 96-98% Rejection Rate in the most common applications and with the pump option you are guaranteed production rates that far exceed any system without a pump. For example, this system maxed out with 6 x 150 GPD membranes and the 1.7 GPM pump makes about DOUBLE the production of RO water compared to the "ge/merlin/hydrologic/hawthorne EVOLUTION RO 1000 in most of our new installations. Ideal for those who need a lot of RO water - but specifically even better for as its truest intent is ultrapure water for RODI production - ADD the Double DI 20" Option! The Commercial RO has three 20-inch pre-filters (a 10 Micron sediment, 5 micron carbon block or catalytic carbon cartridge, and a 5 micron carbon block) followed by 6 x Axeon 150 GPD RO membranes. It has a built in pump installed to ensure sufficient pressure to make a lot of RO water. The pump helps overcome cold water temperatures and partially clogged pre-filters. This is our most popular type of system for our aquarium store's and large aquarium projects. By the way,  WE WHOLESALE! Contact us today! 

Standard Features


The unit has four stages.


Stage 1:   20" Sediment Filter (10 Micron)


Stage 2:   20" Carbon block (10 Micron) or 20" Catalytic Carbon Cartridge


Stage 3:   20" Carbon Block (5 Micron)


Stage 4:   6 x 150 GPD RO Membranes

The instructions will show you how to quickly attach the unit (using the provided 24 feet of tubing) to your water supply line and the drain line. All necessary parts are included for a quick installation, usually about an hour for a typical installation.

Dimensions and Weight


Unit  Width: 24" X Height: 36" X  Depth: 12" 

Total Unit & Tank Weight :  62+ Pounds


Commercial RO 1000 Diagram
Commercial RO 1000 GPD Installation Instructions
How to Change Filters
Trouble Shooting Guide