ANION DI Resin Color Changing 5# Bag

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ANION DI Resin Color Changing 5# Bag Overview

A five pound bag of Premium ANION nuclear grade mixed bed DI resin. This 5# bag of color changing DI resin is enough for 4 x 10" refills or 2 x 20" refills). Reef tank owners, from beginners to experts, need a dependable dealer of fresh nuclear grade deionization resin for their saltwater aquarium zero TDS water changes. Our ResinTech color changing DI resin is guaranteed to be fresh!

Air, Water & Ice is a dependable dealer since 1982! For your convenience, we also wholesale. Please let us know if you have any questions about our DI resin products!

ANION DI Resin Color Changing Product Specs

Standard Features

  • Five pound bag of nuclear grade anion DI resin for spot free water. This is enough resin to refill (4 +) 10 inch filters.
  • This is single bed cation and color changing resin. ANION resins are negatively charged and remove POSITIVELY charged ions such as chloride, bicarbonate, carbonate, sulfate, nitrate, phosphate, silicate. Color changing resin changes color from blue to amber as resin is used up (exhausted).
  • We also offer bulk Cation and bulk mixed bed resins. This 5 pound bag is enough for 4 refills of our 10" refillable cartridge.
  • RESINTECH ANION resin is a self indicating color changing resin. This single DI Cartridge is packed with ResinTech SBG1P-OH-ID is a dyed type 1 gel strong base anion resin in hydroxide form. The ID grade means it has been dyed with a permanent blue dye that changes from deep blue to amber as the resin exhausts. ResinTech SBG1P-OH-ID is intended for cartridge use in mixed beds and other applications where a visual indication of resin exhaustion is desired.

The Process

During exhaustion, as the indicator dye changes color, the appearance of the mixed bed changes from a BLUE color to a light golden brown / amber color. Many manufacturing processes require high purity water for washing, rinsing and test purposes. Not all processes requiring demineralized water need the ultimate quality. However, they may require multi-megohm resistivity water... in this case, look no further as this resin rates in a 18.3 MEGOHM. 

RESINTECH SBG1P-OH-ID is designed to provide demineralized water with a resistivity in excess of 10 megohm. It is specially intended for use in cartridge applications with clear (see through) housings. Such systems are typically designed without meters and rely on the changing color of the DI resin to indicate exhaustion. In typical operation there is a safety line at the exit end of the cartridge, and when the color change reaches that level, the cartridge is considered exhausted and exchanged for a fresh cartridge.

The actual quality that is obtained depends on the manner in which the cartridge is configured. A constant supply of high purity water can be obtained by using two or three cartridges in series, and allowing the first cartridge to completely change color.

During this operation the second or third cartridge insures that the water leaving the system is of the highest purity. New cartridges are placed into the polishing position and the remaining cartridge is put into the roughing position. This insures complete utilization of all the exchange capacity, which lowers operating costs while increasing average quality. This product is recommended to always be followed by a mixed bed di resin stage as this cartridge will not make zero tds water in it of itself as anion resin by design specifically only removes positively charged ions. 

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